Aside from writing the book, music & lyrics for 10 original musicals, I’ve also enjoyed the challenge of composing new scores for some of the world’s most famous stories:-

Alice in Wonderland,

The Little Mermaid,


Peter Pan

The Jungle Book 


A Christmas Carol.

For my next project I  chose 

‘The Little Match Girl’, a short story by Hans Christian Andersen.

    I had forgotten just how 'short' this story was, so I decided to write a descriptive ballet piece, with some of the musical narrative taken from some of my musicals.

    For anyone who never got round to reading this ‘Winter’s Tale’, I've included Hans Andersen's  full text. to guide you with the dance interpretation.

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Mister Santa Claus
00:00 / 03:37

When I wrote Mister Santa Claus I thought it would be fun get away from the 'norm' and make a comedy version, just for my own benefit so addeda few words of dialoguel  The book version is only the song. I had a word with my good friend, (Ray) or should I say 'Mr Santa Claus', who gave it his 'Seal of Approval'

Here are three  seasonal musicals for all of the family.  They have  been formatted as 'PDF files, ready for you to download and  comprisie the following:

(1)  The Libretto & (2)   A Piano & Vocal score.

Unfortunately there are no orchestral or band parts, which is reflected in the pricing.

Clicking on any of these illustrations will take you to its own page giving a synopsis of the Storyline and the Main Characters - plus a preview of some of the songs.

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If you're looking for an evening's entertainment based on the Christmas theme, I've put together this  album containing  a dozen of my own carols and songs, taken from my musicals and linked them with some verse. You could also add a few of the more popular festive songs  to your festive programme  making it a truly memorable occasion.  

Here are some of the songs from the Christmas is Here album:-

Calypso Christmas
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Mister Snow
00:00 / 02:33
A Christmas Cradle Song
00:00 / 04:03
A Christmas Wish
00:00 / 02:15




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