'War of the Worlds' this is NOT!  But who can say what our first vist from another world will turn out to be like? Ah! That is the question!
This play is only my conception, but who's to say it won't happen this way?
I wrote this 'tongue in cheek' futurist musical after watching  Star Wars, as I wanted to bring a bit of sci-fi to the stage and have a laugh,as well as make a point.
As U.F.O. has not been performed as yet, I built a miniature set to show how the stage is laid out.
Earthbound (Surveyor & Aliens)
00:00 / 03:12
Sex Talk
00:00 / 03:41

Sex Talk should be performed by both sexes.This song is one of  the highlights of the show, but as usual I couldn't find any males to perform this rather complex 'counterpoint' piece.        

You Are Me
00:00 / 03:25
Bionic Love
00:00 / 04:36
Body Talk
00:00 / 03:00