B oken Doll


A Note


 Suicide especially amongst teenagers, is a difficult subject to approach at any time and to write a musical play on the subject was an even more daunting prospect.   My prime objective was to write a format which could be performed by teenagers and presented to a family audience. Therefore the content had to be light enough to hold the interest of say, an 8 year old, accompanied by mum, dad and/or grandparents.

I've tried my best to fulfill this agenda by keeping the music and dialogue fairly light, but treating the subject matter with due deference. I feel that this would be great to transfer to film and be made available to schools as an educational piece.

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ANGELA (The Head Angel)

SUE  (Probationary Angel)

CORKIE (Drug Addict)

BRENDA (Physiotherapist)

LYNN (Pop Singer)

ANN  (Private Secretary)

WENDY  (Bike Enthusiast)


    1. Overture (Look to the Stars)

    2. Sad Reflections

    3. Three Little Words

    4. Morning Mist (Ballet Piece)

    5. Pills & Potions

    6. Men!

    7. Don't Talk to Me!

    8. Poor Sister

    9. Some Say

    10. Grains of Sand

    11. Broken Doll

    12. Finale (reprise)


    A group of recently deceased females, looking down from their heavenly vantage point, observe a young girl about to commit suicide. In confronting the Head Angel and demanding intervention they are offered the opportunity to try to save the teenager's life by persuading her departing spirit to return to its host.

Order Reference Numbers:

DAW 27O9375 & 6

Total Price: $40.00

Pills & Potions/Don't Talk/MenRough preview demo (3 songs)
00:00 / 05:18

Running time  2 hrs approx

Preview of the


Piano & Vocal Score 

An arrangement for a small orchestra is also available
details & price on request