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     In writing this version of the Pinocchio story, one of my main concerns was to make this musical as affordable as possible. I’ve retained the main nucleus of the writer’s original story, but to make an easier stage production I've taken poetic licence by adding my own narrative with additional characters.

     For the purpose of continuity and changes of scenes, the whole show can be performed using 3 mobiles and a centre tab.

     This famous classical story will always be a family favourite and Disney's interpretation will never be surpassed, however bringing such a production to the stage is the kind of challenge I enjoy.

     As all of my musicals, I try to create a production well within a reasonable budget, thereby opening more opportunities to young performers in the local community, schools and colleges.   
                                                                                                                                      Dennis A. Westgate  

NO STRINGS (a new adaptaion of Pinocchio)

  • Comes with the Full Libretto with instructions for building the sets.

    Also the Piano & Vocal Score

    No band arrangements but plenty of scope for your M.D. to arrange.

    THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD comes with permisiion to make copies for the purpose of suppying rehearsal parts. 

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