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    For those of you familiar with the original story of ‘The Jungle Book’ 

In this adaptation I’ve kept the names of the main characters in the story and added a few new characters.  This musical version has new and original songs, not the Disney numbers we are all acquainted with. This new version is very easy to stage,using two mobiles and two painted flats. This production has been composed specifically for the middle to senior schools or colleges.Please note: There are no band parts, only a piano/Vocal Score. You will need to arrange any extra band parts yourself. (although you could even get by with only a couple of extra musicians) However, this is reflected in the overall price, plus you will not be required to pay any performance fees. This will help you recoup any additional costs for music arranging and musicians from your ticket sales.


  • This musical is perfect for any school or college with a talented performance group and limited budget.


       My story revolves around a baby boy and his parents, who are being hunted by Shere Khan a man-eating tiger. In order to save their child, they hide him in one of the many bat caves. The baby's crying is heard by Akela of the Seeonee wolf pack and is adopted by Raksha, his female partner and given the name Mowgli (little frog) where he's integrated into jungle life and learns 'Jungle Talk' with help and guidance from his best two friends, Baloo the bear and Bagheera a black panther.  ​Over the years Mowgli is constantly stalked by Shere Khan but under the protection of the wolves his success is always thwarted.

        We begin the story at the moment when our man-cub has reached manhood and must leave the protection of his family and friends who are in fear of the young man's survival. So Mowgli decides to seek out and destroy Khan and sets out on this brave quest.

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