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       For those of you familiar with the original Hans Christian Andersen's ‘The Little Mermaid’ you'll know it isn’t one of those ‘Happily Ever After’ fairy tales, so this interpretation more or less follows the original story.

         I realise, there have been a few versions, (especially Walt Disney’s), where new characters have been introduced and the ending completely amended from the original. In this new adaptation, the names of the main characters in the story remain, although I've given new titles for the princesses and the sea witch.

     The nub of Hans Andersen’s story is narrated by Granchio, (a caribbean crab) one of  the pivotal characters providing the continuity between scenes.

All of the songs are new and original, not the Disney numbers we all associate with The Little Mermaid, but time moves on and this version will provide an opportunity for new interpretation.

     Please note:  There are no band parts, only a piano/Vocal Score. You will need to arrange any extra band parts yourself. (although you could even get by with only a couple of extra musicians) However,  this is reflected in the overall price, plus you will not be required to pay any performance fees. This will help you recoup any additional costs for music arranging and musicians from your ticket sales.

ARIEL (The Little Mermaid)

  • Price includes:-  the Libretto, Stage Layout & Info for building the set. Full Piano & Vocal Score. PRICE also covers permission to make rehearsal copies from the master -  also there are no performance fees  payable for the 1st school production. (Does not apply to professional companies)

  • Every year 'The Little Mermaid' is always in production somewhere in the world.  It's a great story, but somehow the sad ending has been somewhat diluted.  In this interpretation, I've taken the Hans Andersen original text and brought it into the 21st century, keeping the ending as he intended but with a modern feel. Most of the characters are the same but with new names, Ariel and Triton being the exceptions.

     All of the music is original, bearing special attention to the character's in the story. The libretto also has full instructions for making the stage mobiles, so with some good lighting and special effects you will find this a very economical production

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