The Planet Origami

   A Modern Comedy Sci-Fi Musical   

               The setting is a small barren rocky planet called BEEZDRONE. Which many centuries previously, had been rendered sterile from nuclear contamination. Once the habitat of a highly intelligent race who over the centuries had reached that pinacle of perfection where leisurely activity was accepted as a prerogative, and physical activity, in the form of horticultural practice, a necessary pastime. Having achieved this state of perfection it was only natural to assume everything would remain so for milleniums to come.  However it was all about to be brought to an abrupt end by a series of coronal mass ejections (solar storms) from which there would be no escape.

                And so the population along with all of their livestock, prepared to emigrate to another solar system, leaving behind a colony of androids; programmed to re-plant this barren world with new fauna, after the contamination had subsided.  Unfortunately the 'droids' first attempt failed and all of the vegetation died.

However they had been programmed for such an eventuality and an alternative code added to their memory banks which allowed them to recycle themselves and at the opportune time re-start the programme.

               In this way, they would utilise whatever material eventually became available, thus allowing them to create a new floral landscape. However no one had thought through the consequence of instigating such a programme without a terminator. This oversight meant that once the programme was completed, the droids instantly repeated the programme, using whatever materials became available. As there was no organic material left, for generations,  these clever little droids had  been concientiously manufacturing  and planting out the whole planet with polymer copies based on of all the flower photographs stored in their memory banks. 


            Nowadays, anyone approaching this reinvigorarated little world would have been amazed by the transformation but millenia have passed and now the time had come to allow the natural order of life take over. Unfortunately, the 'droid population have yet to be persuaded that 'natural is the 'norm'. Although many attempts have been made to instigate a re-boot of the original programme, droids being droids, will not be dissuaded from their resolve, so when the Beezedrone Nation request a 'goodwill visit' to show their work to the galaxy, the Galactic Commission of Harmony and Concilliation take the opportunity to send their last hope, a newly appointed  'Planet Earth Ambassador' to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.

      Our story begins with the Beezdrone Nation eagerly awaiting the arrival of  the Goodwill Ambassador Melody Mayflower.  Of course the Galactic Commision have not prepped her, fearing an angry backlash, this is more of a 'fingers crossed'  attempt in the hope our horticultural enthusiast may persuade the androids to re-boot their old programme.  This is the story of her 'musical' success:..






  Planet Origami is my latest work. Once again I have no recordings so below, is the piano accompaniment from the 20 minute choral piece Melody Mayflower shares with the Androids, on the importance of music  

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Price List

1. Questions (Piano Instrumental)
00:00 / 07:47
2. Part of Melody's 'Questions Solo
00:00 / 02:18