A nostalgic musical journey back to the mid-50s, during the 'age of steam.'

   This is a one-set all singing and dancing musical covering one average day on a main-line station platform.

    The original music is in a 50s style and covers a wide spectrum of moods from ballads, to blues, song & dance,to rock 'n' roll


ACT 1:  (Morning to Afternoon)

   It is early morning, The sound of a train venting steam is heard, followed by a strident whistle as it departs leaving a smoky haze to fall on the statuesque figures on the platform.  The action slowly evolves with the opening number performed by the Flower Seller, News Vendor & Tea Lady. Joe the porter introduces the rest of the cast with the musical number  'Those Early Morning Blues'  The main thrust of the story is centred around the Waiting Girl standing under the clock as she sings the theme song 'Platform Nine.' (see film clip)  and young Joe the porter's attempted  flirtation with Rosie 'Start All Over Again'  We then introduce the action beginning with the entrance of Bobby, the 'Engine Driver'

   The rest of the Act involves various commuters and action prompted by station announcements over the tannoy.'Take a Train'

ACT 2: (Evening)

     'Sigh Me a Sigh' is the opening number, performed by departing passengers. We now follow the main station characters playing out their various role characters, with some expert advice to Joe  on courtship 'A Woman Is!'  from Bobby & Sam. All the while, Laura is still waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. The action finally takes us to a quick platform mood change for 'The Locomotion Rock' ballroom sequence, where Laura's boyfriend finally arrives.


ACT 2: (Finale)

      We return to the platform with the full cast in full voice as they bid farewell to Laura & Boyfriend boarding the 'Honeymoon Express.




ACT 1:


1.  Four in the Morning

2.  Early Morning Blues

3.  Engine Driver

4.  Take a Train

5.  Platform Nine (see film)

6.  Start All Over Again!

7.  Wanna Bet! (see film)

8.  The Big Race

ACTS  2 & 3:

9.  Sigh Me a Sigh (see film)

10. Why?  (see film)

11. Lonely Words  (see film)

12. A Woman Is!

13. The Palais de Dance

14. The Locomotion Rock  

15. A Face In The Crowd

16. Finale (reprise)


JOE: The young porter

BOBBY: The Engine Driver

SAM: The Ticket Collector

ROSIE: The Tea Lady

DAISY: The Flower Seller

LAURA: The Waiting Girl

MIKE:The News Vendor

SALLY:The Posh Lady


The Boyfriend,

A City Lady & Gent,

The Students,

+ Members of the Chorus

Those Early Morning Blues
00:00 / 04:40
A Woman Is
00:00 / 02:36
Take a Train
00:00 / 03:14
Engine Driver
00:00 / 03:28
Start all Over Again
00:00 / 02:40
The Locomotion Rock
00:00 / 03:37

These demo' tracks were laid down way back in the early 2000s  with a little help from my good  friends:-  RAY  -  DAVY  -  ROBIN  -  TERESA  -  LINUS   &   ERROL

Sorry to say I have never managed to raise the necessary finance to get Platform Nine to see its completion, but I still live in hope!  However may I offer a big 'Thank You' to  Melanie, Hildy & Zoe  who kindly gave their valuable time and expertise to make these promotional film clips possible.  As you can see, this is a ready made (1 set ) musical that could be performed in almost any size venue, outside or indoors, (or even a station platform? ! ) it's just waiting for someone to finance it.   

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Libretto & Lyrics

Piano & Vocal Scores