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No matter how far technology takes us, I would like to think the human race will have overcome most of the diseases that plague us today. Undoubtedly we will all be living a lot longer, because androids will be doing most of the heavy and mundane jobs, leaving us to pursue more leisurely activities. However, as in the past, some things I am sure will never change i.e. the ability to adapt to our surroundings and most important of all, our sense of humour and love of beautiful things, especially music, will still have been retained, so it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these ‘humanistic’  traits will have been integrated into our digitised co-workers.

THE players (8)


SEPH - An Archeologist

RIA - His Partner 

ALFA  -  A Robotic Physicist

STELLA  -  His Partner 


(Could all be played by one person)

DROID 1 • JAYZIE (Jennie)


     We are now in the 30th century and planet Earth is just coming out of a mini-ice age. Prior to this eco disaster, many of the species were saved by transportation in 'space arks' to the moon, where a new civilisation was established, prior to further expeditions and settlements on other planets and their satellites. Homo Sapiens are now well established in plexidomes on the moon, where through the transparent walls we see the barren vista of the moon’s surface,dotted with other buildings.In the far distance the frozen Earth, now a giant snowball, sparkles in the bright sunlight.

     The play centres around two of the families Seph an archeologist with his partner Ria an artist. Their immediate neighbours are Alfa a robotic physicist and Stella a lover of all things beautiful. 


     Our story begins with Seph's arrival from his archeological dig on planet Earth, eager to show Alfa his latest find from the excavation, a time capsule placed in the foundations of a school building from the 20th century.    

         Please note: This was initially a stage play and the music is purely optional.          

Order Reference Numbers:

DAW 27O9383 

Total Price: £20.000

Running Time   2 hrs approx

00:00 / 01:30
00:00 / 04:03

This musical is perfect for any college or Community Group with access to  a woodwork & art department to build the necessary set

Here is a preview PDF of the libretto, piano & vocal score

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