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    For those of you familiar with the original Hans Christian Anderson story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ it isn’t one of those ‘Happily Ever After’ stories’ as I believe, most fairy tales were not meant to be, so my own interpretation more or less follows the original story. I realise, there have been a few versions where new characters have been introduced and the ending completely ammended to create a somewhat different version to the writer’s original.

    In this adaptation I’ve kept the names of the main characters in the story and given new titles for the princesses and the sea witch. The nub of Hans Andersen’s story is narrated by Granchio, the pivotal character who provides the continuity as Ariel  plays her part to its ultimate conclusion.

    This musical version has new and original songs, not the Disney numbers we all associate with The Little Mermaid, but time moves on and this version will provide an opportunity for new interpretation






 Marina,  Maurea, Nerida

 Ondine, Asherah, Ariel


Cassandra    (The Sea Witch)
Granchio     (a Caribbean Crab)

Flipper         (Ariel’s Dolphin) 

Alexander     (The land prince)
Amelia           (  land princess)
Captain Cook    (Ship Master)

+ Younger Mermaids, 
+ Ship’s Crew & Palace Servants
+ Various Tropical Fish & Crustacean


Under the Sea


Do you Believe in Mermaids?  

 My Mirror in the Sky 


 The Other Side of the Sea    




A Sailor’s Life

 The Island of Dreams


  Potions & Pills 

  What does he know

of Love


Your Voice is Mine!


Out of the Night 

 Looking Back


  Ariel, a princess mermaid, falls in love with a human, prince Alexander, and sacrifices her beautiful singing voice and tail, in order to follow her dreams.

  Her best friend Granchio, (a caribbean crab), tries to dissuade the little mermaid from this flawed relationship to no avail.

    This well loved story by Hand Christian Andersen has had many interpretations and this is no exception, except to say my version has followed the original, even to its final conclusion. 

Order Reference Numbers:

DAW 27O9383 -4 

Total Price: £30.00

This musical is perfect for any school or college with a talented performance group and limited budget.  Here is a preview PDF of the libretto, piano & vocal score

Running time  2 hrs approx

ARIEL (Music Demo Clips)
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