I can't sing! I can't dance! I can't act!

    So what prompted me to get involved with writing for musical theatre???   Simple answer - "It's only a hobby! "

    Having spent most part of of 60 years sweating over a hot printing press, as anyone in the print media will know, working to deadlines is one of the hazards of the job. Therefore it became vital, (or so my Doctor advised) to find something relaxing and "stress free." So I chose to take up 'the pen.'

      'The Buccaneers' a play with music for juniors,  was my 1st successful launch, performed by the Ballykelly Junior School, Northern Ireland some 20 years ago.

      Many weeks later I received a letter from one of the Principals Mr. Don McBurney of said school, where a new choir A RAY OF HOPE  had been created from 7 Northern Ireland schools and had recently been appointed as Unesco's Ambassadors for the Culture of Peaceand having enjoyed the Buccaneers, Don asked if I would write a special piece of music for 'The Children of 'School 7, Mozyr, Belarus'.

(Google:- Mazyr-Chernobyl disaster


      TAKE MY HAND was the result of his request and it was also included on the choirs' C.D. presentation to Unesco. 

        It also came as a great surprise to learn that the song found its way to the desk of Frederic Mayor, Director General of Unesco who wrote a glowing tribute to  the choir. How apt that this song is still relevant today when we're all facing such traumatic days with the present pandemic, so I've posted the song here.   

      The rest "so they say" is 'history! Needless to say this one act would have been enough to last me to the end of days.

      What has followed is just a bonus and since my retirement, writing has been a long-lasting pleasure.

       So may I leave you to turn the pages in the hope you will enjoy some of my work, most of which, I should add, is still un-performed.


  Yours truly,

                                     Dennis A. Westgate

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If I could grant one wish tonight

That everyone could share

Then we would all in love unite

And say this simple prayer

Take my hand and lead me home

Home is where my heart is.

Take my heart and show it peace

Peace is where your love is.

Take my love for what it's worth

For you I'd give my life.

So take my life into your hands

For in your hands my heart finds peace.

A peace I find with you alone

So take my hand and lead me home.


            Dennis A. Westgate

Take My Hand (Unesco Original)
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Take My Hand (2nd version)
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Please feel free tó dównlóád the MP3s. 

You are welcome to use and sháré for the promotion of World Peace. You may also buy the sheet music, from:-https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/take-my-hand-digital-sheet-music/21792379 

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In these troubled times, there is nothing quite like the sound of music to chase away the blues, if even for a moment. If we could get he whole world to join in it would be even better! So here's a little song that may unite us all, if even for a moment.