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 The Christmas Carol Musical 

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This much-loved classical story by Charles Dickens has seen many play & film versions, with  just as many stage musical interpretations.

In this rendition, I've used most of Dickens' original text and added new & original score.  My own stage set involves the use of MDF boards using both sides to facilitate quick and easy changes for continuity purposes. Full instructions are included in the libretto. It is a perfect vehicle for any school or college seeking a presentation for your Winter Programme.

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Ebeneza Scrooge

Young Ebeneza

Sister Fancy

Jacob Marley

Bob Cratchit

Tiny Tim



The Spirits of:-

Christmas Past

Christmas Present

Christmas Future

The Cratchit Family

Mr. Fezzlewig

(additional cast members)

Fred's Family

Marley's Ghosts

Townsfolk &

Carol Singers .

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Christmas Lamp.tif



Bah Humbug!

Hey Ding a Dong

Marley's Lament

The Christmas Polka

Without Love

Al Old Fashioned Christmas

My Father

A Winter's Morning

Thoughts of Christmas

Finale (reprise)

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  1. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge makes his clerk Bob Cratchit, work in the cold.

  2. He refuses an invitation to his nephew Fred's Christmas party and will not give money to the charity collectors.

  3. At home he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Marley.

  4. The Ghost of Christmas Past wakes Scrooge and shows him moments from his childhood, his apprenticeship and his failed engagement.

  5. The Ghost of Christmas Present takes him to the Cratchit's home, where he is saddened by the ill, but kind, Tiny Tim. He is also shown how Fred celebrates Christmas with friends and how others celebrate Christmas together.

  6. The final ghost is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come who terrifies Scrooge with visions of his death.

  7. Scrooge awakes on Christmas Day and is delighted to find he has the chance to repent of his miserly ways. He buys a turkey for the Cratchits and attends his nephew's party.

  8. Scrooge becomes like a second father to Tiny Tim and gains a reputation for knowing how to celebrate Christmas.

This  musical  based on the classical story.  has been adapted for most stage areas. With directions on building an easy layout.  Here is a preview PDF of the libretto, piano & vocal score 

Running time 120 mins approx

Order Reference Numbers:

DAW 27O9381 & 2

Total Price: £34.00

This popular musical has already been performed several times in the U.K.!

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